Considering the Past


Recognising the Present


Envisaging the Future

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Town Centres provide their communities with a place to shop, to live, to work, to be entertained, to rejuvenate, to maintain wellbeing, for health treatment, and meet the community’s primary needs. Above all else, they are designed for their specific community’s requirements and pleasures
“Expanding populations, the need to create employment opportunities, a generational shift in values, and the exponential growth in technology, are all factors that have contributed to a transitioning period akin to the initial Industrial Revolution”

Town Centres are;

  • Centrally located to their communities,

  • Highly accessible,

  • A friendly and inviting environment,

  • Where retail, health, education, recreational activities and experiential services meet,

  • Created to service the needs of today’s communities and tomorrow’s advancements.

Innovation Precincts are;

  • Geographic regions,

  • Partially or fully thematically developed,

  • Ready to evolve, or evolving,

  • Attractive to organisations that create evolutionary and revolutionary products or technologies, 

  • Governed by a body tasked with providing advice, connections, marketing, and leadership.